Ready for the journey?

We’re looking for highly driven, compassionate pioneers to join our mission to help dry herb users get happier and healthier by making inhalation smoke-free through dry herb vaporization. If you want to challenge the status quo, then let's talk.

We are unconventional.

We’re in business to create abundance and wellness for all and you’re here to transform the future of dry herb.

Our business model is evolutionary. Most people know us as the largest online retailer of dry herb vaporizers in the world, but we do not see ourselves as just an e-commerce company. We use experimentation and a co-evolutionary model to create a happier and healthier dry herb community.

We are in the transformation business. In addition to making dry herb more conscious, we seek to inspire change in business' role in society by demonstrating that you can do well by doing good and inspiring others to join the movement.

Our values

Our values are our guide and our culture is unique. These are more than nice words on the wall. We hire, fire and promote against these values.

Curiosity: We seek understanding, knowledge and connection

Leadership: We motivate ourselves and others to achieve a common goal

Independence: We work, act and live free from unnecessary constraint or control

Compassion: We empathize and take action for greater wellbeing

Evolutionary: Taking inspiration from nature, we use experimentation and evolutionary processes to order complexity and provide resiliency.

Our culture is driven by purpose. Are you? 

Check out the steps of our recruitment process

1. Submit your application and respond to all introductory questions.

2. Meet with our recruitment coordinator and the hiring manager.

3. Meet our team members and to know the people you'll work with.

4. Solve a case study to get a real feeling of what it's like to work with us.

5. Attend a final panel interview to discuss all objectives of your future role.

Our recruitment process is aiming to give both the candidate and our team mutual understanding if there's a match for future cooperation. We take it very seriously as we've designed it in line with our values and quality testing metrics to ensure an unbiased approach.

Why you might like it here

🌎 Fully remote - work wherever makes you happy

💰 Competitive salary

🏖 Paid Vacation Days

🌱 Limitless development & learning opportunities

🕒 Schedule flexibility

😊 Happiness bonus for a healthy work-life balance

👩‍💻 Financial assistance for home office setup or co-working space

Meet our team

Naty 🇨🇷

Remote Office Manager

In our growing company I have a chance to wear many hats, this allows me to learn various areas of business. I love being able to work remotely and feel flexible, on top of that, we have a very friendly team and I feel joy to work with everyone, its fun! Our team is international, so it gives a perspective on other cultures, traditions and mentality, I find this fascinating."

Patrick 🇨🇷


"Planet of the Vapes exists to make dry herb users happier and healthier. To me, Planet of the Vapes is a mission. I view my role as caretaker of this mission. We’re building something that we want to stay in the game for 100+ years. No exits. We continue on our mission as long as we exist. I’m exited about exploring, understanding, and creating on this journey called life."

Addie 🇨🇷

Customer Service Agent

"I love working with such a diverse team! Vaping has always been a huge part of my life, and being able to promote a healthier, happier way to do so for others brings me much joy. Our team is also one of the absolute best teams I have ever been a part of. Since the first day of working with POTV, I have felt appreciated, valued, and trusted, which is one of the best things about working for anyone, in my opinion."

Jerry 🇺🇸

Content and Community Manager

"I love vaporizing and helping people, so I have a natural passion to match the right vape to the right person."

Solan 🇮🇳

Customer Service Agent

"I love to work in our non-hierarchical organization. The most junior people on a team are encouraged to voice their opinions, ask questions, and suggest solutions and everyone is expected to actively contribute to the overall success of the project."

Larry 🇺🇸

Customer Service Agent and Vape Expert

"Being in a position to be able to make someone else’s life just a little bit better, even if it’s for a brief moment in time, is a position that I cherish."